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THe Procedure

Penis Lengthening, General Information: Approximately one and one-half inches of the penis is located inside the body attached to the pubic bone by the suspensory ligaments. Penis Lengthening is achieved by a surgical procedure that releases the suspensory ligament where they are attached to the pubic bone, allowing the penis to be advanced toward the outside of the body. No incision will ever made on the penis itself because the procedure is performed through a discreet horizontal incision located on the pubic mound beneath the pubic hair region.There are no visible stitches or stitch marks. The scar is invisible. .

Location and Time: Surgery is done 6 days a week at our state-of-the-art, fully accredited Surgical Center. The outpatient procedure usually takes about 75 minutes and you'll generally leave the surgery facility within two hours after the operation is completed. You'll spend the next day relaxing in your hotel room with your legs elevated and some ice bags on your penis to keep down swelling. Your surgeon will see you the following morning to examine the surgery site and change any necessary dressings as well as review post-op surgery and recovery proceedures. Free transportation will be provided from the airport. Most patients have reported they were able to return to work 24-48 hours after returning home.

Anesthesia: A registered, certified anesthetist will administer and monitor all anesthesia during the proceedure. Most patients prefer to go to sleep during the procedure. When you awaken your penis will be about 1 ½ inches longer and about 50% fatter, assuming adequate donor fat. On a discomfort scale of 1-10 you will probably rate this procedure a 1-2. About 3/4 of the patients don’t even take one aspirin.  

The Incision:  On the lowest part of the abdominal wall beneath your pubic hair (there is no incision on the penis) a 1½ inch, transverse, side-to-side incision is made within an existing skin crease. There are no visible stitches, no stitches to be removed, no stitch marks. When, in five weeks, your pubic hair grows back the scar is invisible. Even if you shave your pubic hair, your scar is likely invisible because it is carefully placed within an existing skin crease.

The Lengthening Procedure:  Your penis is considerably longer than it appears. About 1.5 inches of its length is concealed behind the skin where it cannot be seen. It is firmly anchored or tethered to the pelvic bones. It is attached to the underside of the pubic bone by, among others, two thin, disposable, dispensable ligaments--the fundiform and the suspensory ligaments. When these two ligaments are divided with a laser the only result is that the penis will extend forward about 1½ inches. Using the laser hastens healing. The actual true length of the penis is unchanged, but the part of the penis in front of the skin-- the part you can see and use--increases about 1½ inches. This does not change the angle of the erection. This does not affect the stability of the penis. It is not known why these ligaments are even there, just as it is not known why the appendix is there. Those unfamiliar with the procedure have said that instability of the penis and change in the erection angle will result when these ligaments are cut. This is entirely untrue.


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