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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Who needs it? Who Wants it? What do you need to know?

Since earliest times penis size has been equated to power, strength, virility, fertility, dominance and aggressiveness.  Museums containing artifacts of early civilizations exhibit erect phalluses (penises) of extraordinary size.  While no man has expressed a desire for a smaller penis, most men will not wish to undergo the expense and inconvenience of penis enhancement, especially if their experience in the locker room or bedroom has been satisfactory.  Other men are strongly motivated to seek penis enlargement.  These patients fall into several categories:

  1. Those who truly have small penises (normal for Caucasians is 5 ½ to 6 ½ inches erect. For African-Americans it is one-quarter inch more. For Asians it is less.)
  2. Weight lifters and competitive body builders.  Such men want their exhibition athletic supporters to bulge commensurate with their bulging arms, legs and chest.
  3. Men who feel uncomfortable exposing their penis in the locker room, shower room or bathroom.
  4. Men whose partners have made unfavorable reference to their penis size.
  5. Men who feel that a larger penis would enhance their desirability as a sexual partner.
  6. Men who say, "I just want to be the best I can be."
  7. Men whose livelihood may be influenced by their penis size: actors, models, dancers, strippers.

Micro-penis; Hidden penis; Disappearing penis

The classic congenital micro-penis is defined as an erect penis two standard deviations below the norm or less.  This usually means 4 inches erect or less.  This is the only condition, the correction of which is often covered by insurance.

Obese men with a prominent pubic mound and/or an overhanging apron of fat often have a short-appearing penis.  When the fat or the mound is removed surgically or by liposuction, the penis is often seen to be normal in size. 

The hidden or disappearing penis is hidden in folds of fat.  When the patient bends forward, the penis may be drawn up and concealed in the folds of fat.  For every 40 pounds that the patient is overweight, he will lose about one inch of visible penis.  Such patients are often ideal candidates for liposuction fat transfer (LFT), which includes removal of the troubling fat mass.

How to Enlarge the Penis; How Not to Enlarge the Penis

There are two accepted and proven methods of permanently lengthening the penis: surgery and the penis stretcher.  In our experience pills, creams, lotions and potions don’t work.  The external vacuum device produces good erections but no permanent increase in size.  "Pulling" exercises don’t work. 

Surgery is effective at once, producing an immediate length gain of about 1½ inches to start with.  The stretcher does work also but it takes weeks to months to produce significant results.

Girth gain is greatest with liposuction fat transfer (LFT) (Click below), which can yield at least a 50% girth gain, assuming adequate available donor fat.  Other methods less commonly used are alloderm matrix graft (ADMG) and dermal fat graft (DFG).  We only perform LFT, as do probably at least 90% of all other surgeons who do this work.


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