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The Penis Stretcher

When human tissue is subjected to a stretching force it reacts by increasing its size. The tissue not only stretches, but its cells actually multiply and new tissue is formed. The principle of traction is often used in modern medicine. For example, in order to cover burns a tissue expanding device is placed under adjacent skin to stretch it. Orthopedic surgeons exert traction upon bones to lengthen them. The Paduang tribe in Burma use rings to lengthen the necks of their "Giraffe Women". African tribesmen use wooden pieces to enlarge women's lips and others hang weights to elongate ear lobes. Certain New Guinea tribesmen lengthen their male children's penises by attaching weights.

Based on these principles a device for penile traction was designed. The device can be used with or without surgery. When used after surgery it prevents shrinkage during the healing process. It also adds additional length. Without surgery, the stretcher will increase penis size but it does so much more slowly than surgery. When properly worn, the stretcher is as comfortable as a wristwatch and cannot be seen under normal clothing. It is light and small-- it weighs only a few ounces and it can fit in your palm. It is flexible and collapsible. When worn properly it fits easily into the inner surface of your thigh and cannot be seen underneath your tightest trousers- even blue jean cut- offs. The stretcher does not interfere with normal activities. You wear it 24/7 and slip it off when you go to the bathroom, when you shower, when you have sex, and when you go through the metal detector at the airport. The amount of traction is adjustable by turning a couple of thumb screws. When the tension is properly adjusted you will feel a gentle pull on your penis which is not unpleasant.

The stretcher will work in every patient regardless of age. The size increases are permanent. The average length gain in a recent series of sixty two patients is between 0.143 and 0.248 inches per month in erection, and between 0.037 and 0.342 inches per month in a flaccid state in ninety-five percent of test cases.

The length gain depends on how much tension you choose, how many hours a day, how many days a week, and how many weeks you wear it. There is no known limit to how much length you can gain. We have had patients who have worn it for seven years and have grown several inches. The rate of length gain is essentially the same whether your penis is short or long to begin with. Stretching the penis is not like stretching a piece of taffy, which gets thinner as it gets longer. The increase in size involves the circumference as well as the length so that as the penis lengthens the girth widens proportionately. Using the stretcher does not interfere with erections, ejaculation, or sensation. The stretcher alone works more slowly than the surgery, but it does work. Many patients will buy and wear their penis stretcher while they save money for their eventual surgery.

The stretcher costs $395 (which already includes shipping).

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