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Post-Operation Results, Retraction and the Penis Stretcher:  As with any cut or incision made anywhere on the body, where these two non-essential ligaments are divided, the body will heal by forming scar tissue. Scar tissue always shrinks and retracts. As it retracts here it has a tendency to pull the penis back toward its original position, causing a partial loss of its new length.

The penis stretcher, by opposing the shrinkage, will not only prevent this partial loss of new length, but will actually produce additional length gain.  The stretcher is worn 24/7 for four months after surgery, removed during intercourse, bathing or using the toilet. It can be put on or removed in a few seconds. Wearing the stretcher is an essential part of the operation.

If it is used as directed, our experience strongly suggests that virtually every motivated patient will achieve substantial gains in length. The bonus is that if you continue to wear your penis stretcher beyond the obligatory four months, you will continue to gain length indefinitely as long as you continue to wear the stretcher.  

Post-Operative Penile Stretching is Essential to the Success of Penis Enlargement Surgery.

  • It maintains the penis in the proper position and tension allowing the fat grafts to heal without lumps or irregularities.
  • It prevents the penis from retracting to it's original position before healing in the forward position takes place.
  • It's continued use can actually increase length gain over a period of 6 months.

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My girlfriend left me because she said I did not satisfy her. The last thing she said before she went out and slammed the door was "My new boyfriend is much bigger than you are". I was so humiliated that I couldn't even get an erection for a couple of weeks after that. Now, I have the biggest penis of any man my new girlfriend has ever seen. My sex life is great. My penis is fat, long, shapely and absolutely natural looking except I am huge. I can't use a regular-sized condom. I have to use an extra-large, jumbo-sized condom.

I love baseball, in particular the Chicago White Sox. But I rarely went to a game because if I drank a beer and had to take a leak ,I hated having to go down to that horse trough that they have in the men's room. Now, I go to the games all the time and I have no problems since my operation.


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