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Scrotal Enhancement

We used to perform scrotal enhancement by injecting the patient’s own fat into the scrotal wall. We no longer do this for three reasons:

  1. The fate of tissue injected into the scrotum was variable; unlike fat injected into the penis, which remains there, scrotal fat was unreliable.
  2. Adding tissue to the scrotal wall probably acts as an insulator and raises the temperature inside the scrotum, decreasing sperm production.
  3. Cancer of the testicle is usually found by someone feeling a lump on his testicle.  Adding fat to the scrotal wall could mask or delay detecting a testicular lump.

For the past several years what we have done to enlarge and fill out the scrotum is to insert a silicone-covered, saline-filled testicular prosthesis into the scrotum in front of the smaller of the two testicles.

  • This produces a full, "manly" scrotal sac.
  • The prosthesis feels just like a normal testicle.
  • Interestingly, partners seldom notice the "extra" testicle. If they do, some patients say, "I’ve had it for years. My doctor told me it’s a cyst and if it doesn’t bother me, to leave it alone, so I’ve left it alone."
  • One testicular prosthesis operation alone costs $3950.00; if done along with other surgery it costs $3600.00


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